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Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the Traditional Chinese Medicine web site:

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recognizes that true healing is a multidimensional process. This ancient holistic medical system, in continuous practice for thousands of years, understands that the body, mind, spirit and emotions must all be addressed in the healing journey. The mind and the emotions, which are the actions of the mind, play a powerful role in creating wellness or illness, and attracting disease. All of these aspects and their relationships are mapped out in the theories that form the foundation of TCM: the Theory of Yin/Yang, the Theory of Qi (pronounced chee) or vital energy, Meridian Theory and the Five-Element Theory. It is important to understand that these concepts and principles are not the product or result of scientific or rational thinking. They are based on a perception and deep understanding of natural law—how this world and the universe really work at the level of energy. For more the five thousand years, TCM has used these time-tested theories to understand, diagnose and treat health problems.

One of the main goals of TCM is to identify and treat the root cause of conditions so that the healing is genuine and the condition does not recur. It's interesting to know that TCM doctors in ancient times were paid only if their patients remained well! The body has many ways of signaling imbalances; some can lead to more serious health problems if left untreated in a timely way. When these signs and signals are recognized and addressed early on in the healing process, you can achieve and maintain good health. In terms of treatment, TCM uses a variety of natural healing modalities to spark the individual's innate healing capacity. With health difficulties, this self-healing ability can become dormant, but it responds to natural forms of treatment and becomes active once again.

One very effective TCM specialty is prevention. As part of the healing process, each person learns about lifestyle choices and their impact on wellness—how what he or she does, thinks and feels contributes to their state of wellness.

Following are common conditions viewed from the TCM perspective. As you will see, many are really signs and signals from the body and more deeply, from the unique consciousness dwelling there. These signs and signals are accurate and profoundly intelligent expressions created solely to initiate a necessary healing process. If seen and understood—and acted upon—they directly point the way to restore that individual to a state of balance, harmony and wholeness—the cornerstones of true wellness.

See your TCM health practitioner for an in-depth diagnosis of your specific condition.

(To understand the Western definitions and perspectives regarding health conditions, visit WebMD.)

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Source:    Traditional Chinese medicine world foundation web site.