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 What is spirituality?

In the most general sense, spirituality is the experience of a power, a force, or energy, or whatever is thought of as a supreme being, and having the feeling of this presence close to you.

Without any attempt at completeness, the great spiritual traditions of the world all are associated with healing the body as well as the spirit.

In all societies there is an intense hunger for healing not only of the body, but mind and soul as well. Medicine and religion or spirituality have always been the twin traditions of healing.

Some of the many systems of spirituality include: spiritism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, the Evangelicals, Islam, and many others. To heal means to restore to health, or to set right; religion means to bind back to restore our attachments.

Finally, to paraphrase the psychiatrist Andrew Sims, the word "spiritual" implies numerous meanings, what one lives for; or the motivating force of our life; our aims and goals; human solidarity; wholeness of the person; the moral aspect ie what is good, beautiful vs the ugly and bad; and the awareness of the supreme force or being, God.