Peak Performance

September 17, 2010 in Peak Performance by admin

The whole idea of peak performance, whether one is an Olympic athlete, or simply trying to perform well at the task at hand, is to realize that there are common factors.

First, one must be trained well for the task or sport at hand-this is a given. Second, the mental attitude must be optimum; and this often is the major hurdle for maximum or peak performance. Finally, the body, as the universe, operates in cycles, and one must be able to oscillate – rest, train; rest, work; rest, eat, and so on.

The details of peak performance fall under these categories: job or sport specific techniques, dietary methods; supplements or ergogenic aids; and mental techniques such as autohypnosis, relaxation, goal setting, and meditation.

Recommended Books on Peak Performance

The Achievement Zone : An 8-Step Guide to Peak Performance in All Arenas of Life by Shane M. Murphy

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised 2nd Edition by Michael T. Murray, Joseph E. Pizzorno

Peak Performance: Zen and the Sporting Zone by Felicity Heathcote